Making my heart soar

I came across this today. You know all those cheesy mottos like “given lemons, make lemonade”, “don’t worry, be happy” or “smile, and the world smiles with you” intended to put a positive spin on the worst situations? As a person who almost always sees the world from a half-full point of view and who believes there is good to be found in practically every life lesson, I was very touched by this wedding (even though I don’t know these folks from Adam!), which apparently took place on a rainy day sometime this summer. Making the best of a miserable Scottish summer day has been turned into an art (and art) by these young people and looking at the pictures, it really did make my heart soar.

Later this month, my eldest daughter will have been married for 5 years – it will be her “wooden” anniversary, according to tradition. The wedding was beautiful, the weather perfect and everything went without a hitch and with a bang, as well as lots of personal touches. Although it seems time cannot have gone so fast, our 3 year old grandson is proof that all is settling well in that quarter, with another baby due in a few weeks. Exciting times for a young couple busy renovating an old house, too!

A few days later, it will be my middle daughter’s first wedding anniversary – I had to laugh to think it’s their “paper” wedding; paper figures pretty highly on the list of contents in their flat (as both are still in education), piled high after their equally beautiful and even more personal wedding, and I’m not quite sure who ever actually got either an invitation or any other paper communication in the end! Their wedding theme was actually tea, so original.

(Surely wood should come before paper, logically? Hm.)

It’s so encouraging to see young couples bucking the trend for overpriced, overfussy and superficial weddings, trusting their instincts and putting themselves into family celebrations, heart and soul, getting their hands dirty and allowing their weddings to reflect who they are rather than what an industry tells them it should be. I salute them. Although my own wedding wasn’t totally orthodox, I didn’t have quite that courage back then to do my own thing – even though it’s lasted LOL.

OK, so that is two down, one to go (I hope we have a few years’ grace, she’s not quite 16, yet…!).

1 thought on “Making my heart soar

  1. Here here!
    I couldn’t agree more and think that if we can teach our children that materialism and show is not the way to go, then we’ll have done a good job…..although in some cases it may be easier said than done….and I know you know who I’m talking about!!!

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