A long day (warning: image-heavy!) Part 1

Switzerland is a very small country in the scheme of things. 41,285 km2 (15,940 sq mi) to be precise (and compared to Canada, for instance, at 9,984,670 km2 (3,854,085 sq mi). It’s not much more than 300 km from corner to corner, never mind side to side. It’s easy to cross and recross in a relatively short time.

We set off westwards early one morning this week, moving away from the Lake Constance area of gently rolling hills and fruit trees through the midlands, flatter and more industrial, though essentially still farmland, until we reached the Jura mountains, which we skirted along the south east as far as Biel. This town is itself remarkable in having two names, one in German, one in French, and the only one in Switzerland where that is official, so it’s actually Biel-Bienne. On this trip, we needed to go slightly further west and UP… just before the Taubenfluhschlucht, a tiny road turns and twists steeply up several hundred metres to Evilard and Macolin – or Magglingen.

It was certainly no trouble to while away a couple of hours here – in fact, it was the End of the World (as we know it!)…

Fin du mondeTo be honest, if this is the end of the world, I think I might stay…

From here, it was just over another 100 m up the mountain as far as Hohmatt and from there, it’s optional to continue on up – in winter, this is an area with cross-country skiing and the path was actually marked for sledging. More to the point with certain time limits, there was an attractive Gasthof with a tree-shaded terrace and a great view…

Wow, aren’t we lucky?!

Still, the day wasn’t over just yet. Business sorted, it was warm enough to consider lunch on a lakeside and surprise surprise, Biel lies at the north tip of a lake, with vineyards clinging to the western shore and more beautiful views to contemplate…

Ahem, this was the view from our table! Lake fish for lunch and after a coffee, time for the dog to take a swim…

No, not a dachshund but a cocker spaniel ankle deep in water, just begging for us to throw a stone in for her to splash and dive for! (The ears float on the surface and she blows bubbles, too :))


2 thoughts on “A long day (warning: image-heavy!) Part 1

  1. Now that’s the proper way to do business – gadding about! How come I only ever got to sit at my computer when I was working full time? OK, so I had a lovely view from my window whenever I looked up, but it’s not quite the same!
    Very pleased for you both, and for the amphibious dog!

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