So, I just invented such a nice simple salad,  and I want to make a note of it before I forget it – and someone else might like to try it, too!

Crunchy Salad (in this case, for 2 big appetites)

A large fennel bulb

A large apple

A tin of chickpeas

Sesame seeds

Chop the fruit and veg, add the chickpeas and sprinkle generously with sesame seeds.

For the sauce

Olive oil

White balsamic vinegar

Curry powder




This was delicious and pretty substantial on its own. My meat lovers added a plain chicken fillet, and we preceded the main course with an equally fast and whizzy tomato soup –

Tinned, chopped tomatoes (fresh would be better but fiddlier and take longer!)

Onion, peeled and roughly chopped

Chilli flakes

Salt pepper

The fennel trimmings

Since I like to use my microwave for this kind of thing, it was 5 minutes on high and then a spin in the blender, served with crispy toast.

We all really enjoyed this simple and healthy meal!

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