Warning – Baby Spam Alarm!

We are the lucky ones, people, really we are! Three beautiful daughters, two great sons-in-law and the best little grandson and now – a new baby granddaughter… meet Mireille:

Bouncy, bonnie and very awake indeed, she’s been warmly welcomed by everyone: her mum popped into hospital to have her and was back home again for a family tea party the same afternoon! Now 10 days old and feeding keenly, she’s been whisked around all kinds of places already, as well as cuddled and fussed over by family members from her big brother (3) to one of her great-grannies (this one is nearly 90)… yes, this family is long-lived and we are 5 generations still living, from 10 days to 95 (great-great granny)!

…and this was the afternoon she was born, all of 6 hours old! Not to mention how relaxed and energetic mum is 🙂

Maile sweater by Nikki van de Car from “What to knit when you’re expecting” in Malabrigo Lace, colourway “Snowbird”

2 thoughts on “Warning – Baby Spam Alarm!

  1. There’s nothing so much fun as being relatively young grandparents – all the fun and joy, without the responsibility and (in the case of little babies) sleepless nights! She is a real little darling – and the cardigan looks great.

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