Helen’s fault?!

Quite a few of the bloggers whose blogs I enjoy reading have shown their workspace in the past, and I’ve been inspired by Helen at http://www.runquiltknitwrite.com, who manages to do an incredible amount in her sweet space, to show mine, too!

Here, then, is most of the attic corner I have been able to call my own for the past year –

Our attic is finished and one big space that our two younger daughters shared fairly amicably for a few years, the youngest having her quarters at this (stair) end and the other at the other. Heavy beams divide the space visually into thirds (after all, the house was built in 1770!) and the middle section boasts a wood-burning stove, the family computer and our movie collection for all to share. Following my middle daughter’s marriage a year ago, the youngest moved to “teen” quarters and left this corner for me to do as I like…

Funnily enough, it looks nothing, but really nothing, like the main part of the house, where I’m calm and happy with light oak, neutrals and a bit of mirror and glass bling, as well as touches of red, which I love. In this personal area, my inner rainbow seems to have burst out, catching me a little unawares, a part of me I thought had had her day back as a teenager, when yes, I owned and wore rainbow braces with my jeans and sported multi-coloured striped eyeshadows!! It’s more quirky and colourful than my usual home decoration, as well as being a bit messier, since it holds all my yarn stash, needles, books, patterns, magazines and paraphernalia, but it’s also a quiet corner, the sofa is comfortable and it’s the cat’s favourite spot, too. Somewhere to indulge in creativity and cosiness… I admit I don’t do “serious” work here, but I reckon that’s worth another post another day.

At the moment, I have a patient who needs my chauffeur services, though:

– see her bright yellow bandage?! It actually has smiley faces on it! Poor Alina has a broken bone in her foot and has to wear a splint for 4 weeks, with regular bandage changes every few days. Not that her agility is much impaired by the stiff wrappings, as she dashes up and down stairs and around outside on three legs! Tap, tap, tap, bump – it sounds as if she has a tennis ball attached to her fourth foot 😉

Just two weeks more and we should be back to normal!

4 thoughts on “Helen’s fault?!

  1. I remember that corner of the world. The TEEN corner of that world. Looks a lot better now! Sorry Avi. Poor Alina. Doesn’t she have that “get this thing off me and stop taking photos” look on her face! lol!

  2. I can sympathize with your patient – I too have a broken bone (in my right hand of all the possible places) and have four weeks to go before I can use it again – I tried knitting but it was too awkward and painful with two fingers sticking out. On the upside I am getting a lot of reading done.

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