Advent (7)

Well, today was a first!

Not only did I decide to go with a fake tree, but I actually put it up this early in the month – my family will be shocked 😮 At the end of the day, it’s all about simplifying, so that for one thing, I know the lovely real trees we have always had dry out incredibly quickly and leave most of their needles behind when I take them down on January 6th, and it does seem wicked to have a cut tree just for a few days. The live tree we bought last year suffered over the difficult summer and is recovering quietly in a corner for a few years, when it will be simply too large to bring inside! And my parents will not be here for Christmas, so we’ll be having our little get-togethers this weekend and next, and it would be nice for it to feel seasonal…

 SO… a teeny, tiny fake tree, but with most of our favourite things collected over the years displayed on it, and the addition of a few lights – nothing short of revolutionary in this house!!!

Oh, and could I resist this?! (Even if it is a little fuzzy!) Adorable…..

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