Advent (13)

Today, we were back in Lucerne. But with a slight difference: it was my 3 year old grandson’s first “proper” train ride – he was quite in awe of getting into the big train (he only knows the small red train that goes past their house!). He soon thawed, though, and had a wonderful time, looking out the window and seeing the motorway and other trains, all the stations we passed as well as the lakes, beaming at other travellers and asking their names (!) and a train change in Zurich, but he was especially looking forward to seeing the lion his mum had told him about:

This memorial was made in the early 19th centruy to remind people of the death of about 760 loyal Swiss guards to Louis XVI at the time of the French Revolution 1789-92. No wonder the poor lion is so obviously suffering, it’s a very moving work and the atmosphere is really quite special: the monument is very close to the centre of town and yet remains quite separate. It’s really impressive.

I first saw this monument about 38 years ago:

 I knew nothing about it at the time, but I do remember the visit, so I wonder if my grandson will have any memory of it when he’s older and it’s explained to him?!

We still don’t have very Christmassy weather, i.e. no snow, but there are some very pretty market stands in Lucerne, as well as a big charity drive via radio going on at present. Nevertheless, chilly drizzle sent us into this place for a nice hot cappuccino

which has a lot more to do with carneval (in February) than Christmas. Still, the masks did impress us all, as they’re quite frightening, particularly for a small child! Lots of buildings are painted in the old town of Lucerne, which certainly gives everything the air of great history. In fact, I was quite surprised to see so many tourists, even at this time of year.

All of our party were tired on the journey home, but the train ride was still a bit of a novelty, and our little boy experienced running for a train connection and a very full rush-hour train for his first outing, too – undeterred, he sat on the steps and played with a few matchbox cars under the gaze of commuters’ amused smiles while we stood almost all the way back and yet he still had the energy to run most of the dark, rainy path back to our house, utterly soaking himself by jumping in the puddles! What fun it is most of the time, just being 3…

2 thoughts on “Advent (13)

  1. How I wish I could have gone with you – an extra granny hand! But then, you appear to be coping even better than Superwoman. What a sweetie you were back in year dot, and how satisfying to be able to say you have stayed a sweetie. Big Gold Star – you deserve it!

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