Advent (16)

Well. There is a fantastic storm going on over here with the wind whistling through the shutters and slamming them into the façade, which is making me think of the Whomping Willow in Harry Potter – whomping shutters?! At least the neighbour has finally taken down the two flagpoles in his garden, one of which was threatening to fall onto our house as it bent, swayed and weaved in the wind. I’m sure one isn’t supposed to leave national flags out to be beaten to shreds by wind storms and rain!

Wouldn’t you rather be here with me?!

5 thoughts on “Advent (16)

  1. Of course I would love to be there with you enjoying some tea while looking over some decorating magazines. Your Christmas decorations are so nice!

  2. Yes, indeed I would – perhaps we could cozy up with some knitting. We had wind and heavy rain yesterday, but today was delightful despite the fact that we know it won’t last.

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