Advent (22)

 The Advent wait is nearly over. It’s the equinox for a couple of short, grey, dark days; in our case, also very wet ones. All the cards are written, sent and received and no time now for any Christmas ones, though the Swiss are just as likely to send a New Year’s card, and there’s still a little scope for some of those as a response to the odd unexpected Christmas card! Messages and summaries of the year have been much enjoyed – sometimes it’s hard to keep up with people and I’m lucky enough that the year’s doings are usually reported in a personal note and/or with a few photos to keep me up-to-date on how everybody’s children are shooting up, who has moved house and on the whole, how well they all are: what a lucky generation we are. I do like the tradition of cards for all occasions, bad as I am at my own share in them – I wonder if you English-speaking readers realise that this card mania is a thing we share with the Italians?! The Germanic people around us aren’t generally huge card-senders and certainly find the idea of giving/sending cards and presents to people who live next door or work in the same place or whom they will see over the next few days anyway to be a bit quirky! My only problem is what to do with the cards afterwards – most of them are so beautiful. Good intentions for recycling are generally put aside in the post-Christmas tidy-up along with the cards themselves, but this year, again, I have made my resolutions…

5 thoughts on “Advent (22)

  1. Apologies in advance – but pedantic as ever, I have to point out that it’s the solstice (= “sun standing still”) and not the equinox (= “equal night”). Notwithstanding your comments are, as always, interesting! I’ve become Swissified re cards – here in the UK we have 90 cards already, occupying every spare bit of shelf and horizontal surface as I haven’t got around to stringing them up as we usually do!

  2. Old Christmas cards make great gift tags for next year and also use up all those left over bits of ribbon that are too good to throw away and to short to do much else with!!
    Have a brilliant Christmas Mel – see you in the new year – where is our next expedition going to be? Love Helen xx

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