We cannot linger any longer…*

… (in 2011) and so I have shot into the New Year on a high!

One website/blog I love is Design Sponge, which appeals to both the artsy and craftsy in me and makes me want to kick myself for not having gone into graphic art and/or be 30 years younger, but whatever, a year ago they showed this http://www.designsponge.com/2010/12/diy-project-vintage-postcard-calendar-journal.html

and I really liked it, so earmarked it for a trial. Ta-da…

So this is what I spent an hour or two of New Year’s Eve preparing, in the hope of having fun in retrospection in another ten years or so! It was fun, easy and cheap – I cut up a calendar that never made it onto the wall in 2011 but you could use any image you like for the dividers. Also any container you like… all my nice little boxes seem to be in use already, but this was hanging around and does just fine. Stamping the cards didn’t take all that long and I watched Helen Mirren as “The Queen” again while I did it; you could simply write the date, though, if you don’t have a date stamp. Now to start filling it in!

Not only did I do some work and write some invoices on the first day of the shiny new year,  but I also finished off a bright and breezy little shawlette from a pattern called “Oaklet” by Megan Goodacre, knitted up in Zwerger Garn’s Opal Handpainted Continents, colourway “Australia”.

Like Ishbel and co., it knits up very quickly and easily, since the main shoulder portion is plain stockinette with simple yarn-over increases and the oaklet lace pattern is not only limited to the last 20 rows, but there are actually only 2 rows in it that repeat a few times – extremely pretty, too. More muted/woodsy colours would also look beautiful, made up on 3.5/3.75 mm needles (or, in my case, an Addi Lace circular needle!). I can only dream of what it would be like in MadelineTosh…! (I am sooo spoilt!) A good portion of it was done while I finally, finally got to watch “Polar Express”, a film I’ve wanted to see since it came out and seem to miss all the time. Although highly computerised and really kitschy in a Christmas way, I actually liked it very much and think it has earned its place as a Holiday film (though not in the league of “Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel” (3 Hazelnuts for Cinders), a 1973 Czech version of Cinderella that is on TV several times each Christmas in German-speaking countries – and since we get German, Austrian and Swiss channels, it feels as if it’s on all the time! And we own a video of it, too! It’s certainly a charming fairy tale and for many around here, the epitome of Christmas!).

Remember those Twisted Diamond socks I showed recently? Well, there was plenty of that luscious MadelineTosh Sock Yarn in colourway “Home” to produce these adorable little woolly shoes, known as Saartje’s Booties by Saartje de Bruijn, a free pattern that can be found on Ravelry…

Took no more than 2 hours for both, including sewing up, and knit while watching “The Adjustment Bureau” on DVD, an excellent 2011 film with action but no violence and featuring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt – much enjoyed and recommended for those reasons, plus a clever plot! It was one of those films whose trailer had not made me rush to the cinema at the time, but turned out to be a lot better than expected.

Last but not least, another film, “Blind Side”, featuring Sandra Bullock, who won both Golden Globes and an Oscar for her role of a southern Mama, kept me distracted while I wound a ball of Zaubergarten bamboo/silk in a colourway called “Meerjungfrau” (= mermaid) for my next little project, once my friend’s Central Park Hoodie is finished…

The film was excellent; hype about the Oscar had put me off and yet it’s a most touching story based on an American football star’s fortune in having a family take him in and love and support him despite him coming from a Memphis slum with the worst possible prognosis. Of course, it has to be a happy end, but the story is still worth the telling.

Yes, we’ve spent a fair amount of time relaxing in front of a screen just lately but have found time to browse a quarter of town we didn’t know very well, give small local shops our custom, enjoy real Italian coffee and cook some delicious food, as well as let in the New Year quietly! Lots of laundry today, so all is fresh for a clean start to the week.

I’m hoping to have a nice surprise for you for the next post, so keep an eye out…

* When my middle daughter and her friend were 13 or 14, they were hugely keen on anything to do with Lord of the Rings and on one occasion spent the best part of 24 hours watching the superdupermegaextendedspecialedition versions of the epic films – the friend’s English came along famously and their favourite quote was the above-mentioned by one of their heroes (Viggo or Orlando?! I’m sure MD will tell me when she reads this!), which caused much giggling… Update: she says it was Orlando!

8 thoughts on “We cannot linger any longer…*

  1. You make me feel so proud of you for being such a busy little bee, and at the same time so ashamed of myself for being so unproductive 🙂 I love the little shoes – do they come in Great-Granny size for swollen feet?

  2. You are amazing and inspiring. I am still crocheting the potholders ( thanks for sending the pattern), but I will see if I can find the pattern for this shawl. I loved the other lace one from a few posts, but feel I should try a simpler patern since I have not touched the knitting needles in a few years.
    Your first day of the year was very productive – I on the other hand decided to watch the old black and white “dinner for one”- then I went for a bike ride in the Nature Preserve ( I am in Newport for one week). The ride back took a bit longer since there was a sudden headwind and a few hills ( not steep since it is the beech area). But on a city bike with two gears I felt I had conquered part of the Dolomiten Alpine roads. Funny how the ride down seemed so gentle. I suppose it is all in the perspective.
    It’s hard to comment from a phone – lived all your posts and historical tidbits.

    • That sounds a great way to ring in the New Year, Susanne! One of my resolutions for 2012 is to use my bike more, which has somewhat more than 2 gears – how brave of you to have conquered hills on yours ;o!!

  3. Susanne – do you mean to say you can get “Dinner for one” in the States? I thought it was limited to German-speaking countries! Apparently this year there was a spoof on it with Angela Merkel as Miss Sophie and Sarkozy as the butler – anyone see that?

    • Hello and “yes” I can get ” dinner for One” in the original version due to this modern technology – I get the “Das Erste – ARD” television station via my computer. The Apple has such a nice screen it seems like a tv. I also watch the news these days and some movies. Quite nice, actually.
      I also loved the little slippers but the look way too complicated for duplication.
      I have two more days here and will be off for a shorter bike ride along the coast in a few. I must say that these two blogs are a wonderful way to reconnect, catch reflections and other tidbits.

  4. Happy new year! The journal is a fab idea, and I love the shawl and bootees too. A lovely start to 2012, and a sure taste of the creative and inspiring things to be seen on your blog this year. Keep us posted 🙂

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