This is where “away” was:

 (I forgot to take a picture before closing the shutters when we left!)

And this is the view we enjoy – we had wonderful weather for 90% of the 3 weeks!Enjoyed from here:That’s cidre, the local kind… and the book is symbolic, too, because I got through quite a few of them! Occasionally, a wrap is good against sea breezes, but I don’t mind a bit of wind if it keeps the heat off.   Not far from our place is this little gem – less appealing in winter storms, I guess, but still very pretty!

La Roche Jagu sits high over an estuary, quite a way inland from the coast, with a commanding view over the countryside  If only that was our boat! Perhaps in another life 🙂

Over the last 10 years or so, the gardens here have been getting better and better and been extended year by year. It’s a pleasure to wander the extensive grounds and this year’s special garden is a scented one to accompany this summer’s exhibition on perfume: In the centre is a fountain that sprays a very fine mist to waft through the plants and enhance the scent.  Believe it or not, that’s the toilet block!

There’s a little tea-room and crêperie, too, so you really could spend all day here. Basketwork features strongly, surrounding flower beds, trees and supporting different levels of the gardens very attractively. This year, I loved these in particular:  Like basket snowmen!

This was the backdrop for the local fest noz, the annual summer party that each village in the area holds: not all of them quite so well framed as at Port Le Goff!  A whole string of musicians and singers of all ages performed traditional and modern music, all Celtic-based, some in French but much in Breton, while natives and tourists alike danced the typical line dances of the region, with little fingers linked; it’s just one of those things where everyone joins in. And the sun goes down… (Level 42!)

On quiet days
But it was still hard to come back. Or maybe not. 

7 thoughts on “Away

  1. we’re still away in Brittany and also really enjoying ourselves, but sad that we only have a few more days to go. I wish we had such a gorgeous house to go back too though -> your swiss home looks fabulous!

  2. thank you for sharing the photos and for a lovely tour of the area. You have given me three destinations over the past year to put on my “to travel” places now. It is truly wonderful to get your write ups and gives one confidence to go to a little corner that has not been considered before.

  3. Can I just say wow at the toilet block. I have seen some nice toilet blocks in my time (not that I am a toilet block addict I have just been to unusual places) but never one that pretty. I know so long as its clean etc it doesn’t matter to much, but its nice to make it look inviting

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