Wishful thinking

I may have run out of yarn.

I may have had to go looking for more of the same online.

I may have found some – in the US (because the skein I found in Germany cost 50% more!).

I may have been tempted to buy a couple more skeins in some other sensational colours while I was, you know, there.

I may have then surfed recklessly on and found another source of MadelineTosh closer to home.

And then I may have ordered a sweater’s worth of yarn from them, too. (I’m not sure, the yarn fumes are still pretty strong…)

Which means I may have bought a new pattern for that new yarn – as if I didn’t already have a zillion patterns.

Blissful sigh.


Unbelievably, I did not run out of yarn! I was left with exactly

Better pictures by daylight sometime, I hope!

All finished – and the anticipation of all that other yarn (matching socks?!) to come! Yum!


PS the luxury was enhanced by the use of my Signature straight needles – love ’em!

4 thoughts on “Wishful thinking

  1. That is a lucky, lucky piece of knitting, to have just enough! I always run out just before the end. Beautiful knitting as well. I love complicated patterns. You’re so right about the two stitches. It’s what you do with them that counts.

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