Too pretty

Finally I, too, am getting “home snow” and with the temperatures having dropped quite a bit, it might even stick around for a bit. It’s what I would call convenient snow – the roads and pavements are clear and the white stuff is prettily arranged to look nice but not obstruct! Mammern TorAttracted by blue skies, we went down to the closest part of Lake Constance, the Lower Lake, only to find that the lake basin was mainly covered by cloud, some of it quite menacing and yet with a very eery light – Bodensee schneeNot that anything like ice-cold water and snow could prevent this Alina wasser im schneeI’ve shown some of my mother-in-law’s garden before, but today it was particularly pretty with its snowy petticoats Zuzwil teich schneeThough I hope the fish are ok under all that ice (it’s well over 6′ deep, so they should be cosy enough!)…

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