Kassie at youwhoineverknew.wordpress.com very kindly passed an award to me – I hadn’t a clue what to do with it, but it seems I am now permitted to publish this

versatileblogger11in a nice little post for you! Thanks very much, Kassie, now let’s see what I must accomplish to accept gracefully…

A. I seem to have managed the thanks already – it’s certainly flattering to have a reader who is willing to recommend me 🙂

B. Blogging is always a rather lopsided affair, I suppose. The parts of my life shown here are, naturally, only glimpses here and there of some of the more entertaining bits when I actually go anywhere or do something I feel merits any mention! Actually, I’m rather hoping that C. will give a slightly more rounded view of my interests, some of which I don’t think I’ve mentioned here before – my friends will hopefully not be miffed if I don’t mention them (family and other related blogs have had pointers their way before!) so let’s see what you think of these six…

C. My awards today go to:

– Meredith at http://onesheepishgirl.blogspot.ch, a young 20-something, artistic girl who has some very creative ideas and contributes to the Molly Makes spin-off, Gathered, mainly crochet and some knitting but also other crafts.

– Leslie lives on a houseboat and has just been forced to move away from her beloved Pete’s Harbor… http://asimplelifeafloat.blogspot.ch for breathtaking photos, a sorry power story, dog-love and an eye for good design.

– Courtney’s star has risen fast and I sincerely believe in her message of “less is more”! Plus her http://theproject333.com has slotted into and helped to drive a great movement that promotes community as much as anything else.

– Kent has tapped into something that utterly fascinates me: tiny living, over at http://tinyhouseblog.com, some beauties there.

– With 70 podcasts to her name, Alana is no newbie, though still very young: she’s a knitter extraordinaire with a lot of flair and has now put out two gorgeous knitwear collections herself and a children’s book with her daughter, as well as a lot of other designs – http://nevernotknitting.blogspot.ch to see what this perfectionist is offering!

and last but not least,

– the girls at http://thesixitemschallenge.wordpress.com/the-blog/ are fighting for better conditions in the sweatshops by accepting much tighter restrictions in their wardrobe challenges than even in Project 333!! I applaud them for doing this is in a very interesting visual manner… you can support them on Facebook, too.

(Hope I’ve done this right – I notice that some of my links end in the Swiss suffix .ch and not sure why, so you may have to change that to your own country’s code?! For some reason, links don’t come up properly, either, and you’ll have to copy-and-paste… computer technology is NOT my forte!! Sorry!!)

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