Two Shawls

A new relation has the delightful privilege of having a May 1st birthday – I always wished someone in the younger generations would have a May birthday in our family, so it’s nice to have a married-on one, at least! This lady has lovely blue eyes, hence my choice of Côte d’Azur as the colour for this winged shawl, one of the laciest I’ve done yet: IMG_1375

Orchid Thief by Ysolda Teague, in Malabrigo Sock (merino) in Côte d’Azur

It went swimmingly and the pattern was perfect, all my stitch counts were perfect and the finished product is what I would call perfect – it’s beautiful! Amazing how far a few grammes of wool can stretch when made into lace – and the slight hand-dyed effect gives so much more texture than a plain navy would have done. Another great product by Ysolda – she really is a perfectionist and original with it; the shaping is subtle but – perfect. IMG_1341The magic of blocking – this scruffy little heap of knitting, when stretched and blocked, resulted in the shaped shawl above! 

The second FO (=finished object) was quite a different kettle of fish… IMG_1380

I think I’m calling it “Wine Fudge” – not that I drank any wine while knitting it or the stitch count might have been squiffier still! As it was, nothing was as it should be on this one – even after the first, very plain, part, I didn’t have the right number of stitches and for me, feather-and-fan patterns are notoriously dodgy; I can just about get them to line up but they never do go to plan when there are increases to incorporate, so this shawl was pretty much fudged right from the start!! Thanks to the designer (Elizabeth Doherty) but apart from using her idea combination and edge lace for a triangular shawl and with a final result that more or less resembles the pictures, I did pretty much have to wing it… IMG_1381

Ebbtide by Elizabeth Doherty/blue bee studio, in Malabrigo Sock in Tiziano Red

The edging lace pattern is supposed to represent sand-dollars, so that reminded me of all my Florida-connected friends! Interesting concept – Shetland feather-and-fan and Florida sand-dollars, Scottish pattern, knitted in Switzerland, wool from Peru, all in one shawl…


And to add insult to injury, I’m sure the cat sat on it while it was damp and blocking on the table – it’s covered in fine white hairs that need to be picked off individually. Smug. IMG_1390

(Malabrigo wool is another brand that has lovely colours and knits up into an extremely pleasing finish. I’ve now used the sock yarn in a number of projects and they really are beautiful and wear well. As far as I know, the yarns are spun and hand-dyed in Peru, though I don’t know where the actual wool comes from (likely Australia, like most?). IMG_1392

Now I’m looking for Malabrigo or MadelineTosh quality in some lighter, fresher colours for two late spring gifts I’d like to make, as those two all seem to be bright or quite dark colours at the moment – any ideas?!)

8 thoughts on “Two Shawls

  1. Whoo – batlady been in your garden? BEEOOTIFUL! Sophie knows a good think when she sees it, so I reckon she decided to bag that one for herself by subtly marking it :-D. It’s amazing how you turn a few dropped stitches into a lacy pattern. Sand dollars – that stretches the imagination a bit. I just went and looked at one – it’s sort of round, but that’s the only resemblance I can spot. But these are both gorgeous, and I think B will be very very pleased.

  2. They are absolutely beautiful!! and the cat has good taste. Can I order one? I am still in the potholder crochet mode from your pattern last year and while I know how to knit I have never attempted anything close to your lace patterns. You are multi-talented.

      • Now that is an offer I cannot refuse. I actually consider a Europe trip next year. Let’s talk a bit next spring and see what I can come up with! Would love to see you inperson after all these decades and a lace shawl would be incredible. Let me pay you for the material and work though. I know that is expensive.

      • Out of the question – a gift is a gift 😉 Let’s make this happen!! It would be wonderful to see you again after over 40 years!

      • that is a very generous offer… I ;ook forward to seeing you – in my mind’s eye you have remained this cute little bilingual girl with the biggest smile and sunshine disposition. You were the first and only babysitting job I had and I was so proud to walk with you. More stories in person :).

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