Summer Garden

The coolness of spring and summer so far have had few advantages. One of them has been that although we had to wait a long time for anything to bloom properly in our garden, once it did bloom, the flowers lasted longer than if it had been hot.

Unfortunately, central Europe has been affected by an Asian pest known as the “box tree moth” in the last few years (since 2007) and sadly, reached my garden this year. Five of the six large, trimmed box bushes I’d been cultivating for 15+ years were affected and before we knew where we were, they were so decimated, they had to be removed and burnt. One remains and is guarded and sprayed fiercely! The others have been replaced by six smaller box bushes, which we will also actively protect and hope that they soon grow to similar proportions 🙂

So this has been my small garden this spring – we find it quite delightful!

IMG_1637IMG_1638IMG_1639IMG_1641IMG_1643IMG_1644IMG_1645IMG_1651IMG_1789We even have orchids… IMG_1800

IMG_1682 And this is what I brought in today…

(P.S. And look what my husband has done!!… IMG_1791

7 thoughts on “Summer Garden

  1. So pretty! I love your flamboyant peonies in the midst of all that understatement – loveöy contrast. Hope the slippery sides of the vegetable bed will defeat the slugs’ onslaught!

  2. This year is the first year that my peonies have flowered. I think they heard me threatening them earlier in the spring. The magnolia is also on close watch, just one flower would be nice. Love the veg bed. Like catterel I’m wondering if it will keep out the slugs and snails.

  3. You took us on a lovely walk through your garden. It seems peaceful and every corner has it’s own “palette” for lack of a better term. Loved the walking pavers interspersed with little rocks and the lantern. You have given me an idea for my backyard now.

    • A collaboration between my husband, a gardener and me – we all had fun working with the given elements! The crazy paving was a gift from a friend and looked very out of place before the gardener suggested spacing the pavers wider apart and using gravel between them – hey presto, it all went together 🙂 Probably my favourite side of the garden, now, with the white hydrangeas and stripy hostas!

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