Advent in the kitchen

A cold, crisp walk to do errands. A stop at the chocolate factory to see their pre-Christmas offerings. And some time getting started on some baking – lemon hearts, today. Followed by a nice hearty stew to combat the outdoor temperatures.IMG_2241 Some Swiss Christmas glass. And a cup of tea… 🙂


3 thoughts on “Advent in the kitchen

  1. Ahh the chocolate factory. My kids fav place to walk past. Funny how they used to get samples handed to them when they walked past the kitchen window and no matter how many times
    I did..I got nothing…Even used to see Hamish try his luck a few times as well!

    • Yes, I think Hamish was quite the regular and was well-fed with Gipfeli etc.!! But he used to be so good about not eating too much – it was quite a shock to him when we had to introduce mealtimes with Alina, who would eat till she burst… LOL

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