The day before

As we begin on Christmas Eve, today is just “one day to go”… 🙂

IMG_2374This is one of those trees that could easily have ended up in the dump – it’s lost its tip, it’s a bit bent, the branches are irregular and it’s flat on one side…but to us it’s the perfect tree 🙂

Our middle daughter took on the task of decorating it and picked out some very harmonious baubles from the collection, which makes our tree different each year – look how pretty it is, a little bit of bling and my favourite fairy girls, along with some bauble lights! When the grandchildren arrived for a visit today, they looked up at it in awe, a skyscraping magical thing that helped to trigger the excitement of the build-up to their own Christmas over the next couple of days.

We also couldn’t help annoying the dog for a few minutes, which she put up with very patiently in anticipation of a treat! IMG_2376

1 thought on “The day before

  1. Just shows Alina will put up with anything if she thinks there’s food in the offing! Lovely tree – as you say, custom-made for your niche, and reflects the personality of the Middle One :-D! Happy Christmas, God bless you every one!

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