Happy New Year

I’m not really one for resolutions.

But there are some things that are vaguely lined up in my mind, if not for this year, then hopefully to do at some time. You never know, this might be the time!

In knitting, there aren’t many things I don’t just get on with if I have some instructions. However, I’ve never done steeks. This means knittng and then cutting through what you just knit :o! Absolutely traditional in Scottish and Scandinavian knitting and yet just the thought still gives me an uneasy feeling, even though I totally understand the theory and the use… ns_steeking

In books, there is one in particular that I’m determined to reread, apart from the usual TBR pile that accumulates, and that is Tolstoy’s War and Peace. I am famed for having read it in a long weekend when I was 12…goodness knows how well I understood it, but I think it’s about time I went back to it! I like reading things I’ve read before, as I usually see the story from a different angle anyway.IMG_2422

In travel, both Scotland/Shetland and Scandinavia – maybe I should just say northern Europe?! – are still top of my wishlist. Maybe 2014 will be the year?! map_Scandinavia

I’ve never really learnt to play an instrument and since my daughter’s Celtic harp has been sitting around getting dusty for x years, now, why not take advantage and see whether I can do anything with it? The sound is breathtaking even without being able to play, so how much better if I could really get a tune out of it?! IMG_2423

Lastly (for the moment, I’m not particularly ambitious, either! LOL), fitness has never been a big aim for me, and neither have I ever felt any desire to climb mountains. However, a lot more walking for both health and pleasure does figure on my list of “wants”, and all it requires is to get up and go…IMG_2493

Bye then!


PS All the very best for the new year to everybody out there, both commenters and lurkers 🙂 Make it happen!!

20 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. That steeking looks a step too far to me! Mind you, I am but a beginner 🙂 I’ve never read ‘War and Peace’ and really I should. I’d put it on my to-do list, but given I’ve just counted how many books I read last year, it’s a little laughable to even consider it. I only got through 24!

    • I do think it will take courage… mind you, I have to get past the fair-isle part first LOL!

      I got through quite a few books this year thanks to having a Kindle app on my iphone – to my own surprise, I read on my iphone a lot in odd moments while waiting around and before going to sleep. So much for having an ipad ;o

  2. I’ve always fancied steeking too, I’ll see how you get on first! My youngest daughter is a harp player too. She still plays, but I wish she would play more, I love the sound.

    • Not a silly question at all – I think that’s what makes us hold our breath: logic!! However, you knit the steeked part in two colours and use natural, “sticky” wool that will felt a little over time, so no, it doesn’t all unravel; and you do sew the raw edges down during the finishing of the garment… 🙂

      • natural sticky wool with the lanolin still in it? That smells – I once had a pair of mittens knitted in Welsch wool “straight from the sheep” …

      • Um no, not quite that “natural”! Though yes, that would stick!! No, wool like Shetland that is a little rougher. I usually use very smooth merino yarns, most often with some kind of superwash treatment so they don’t spoil when you wash them (can’t be bothered to wash everything woolly by hand!) and they’re not really suitable. You just need wool that is intended to felt a little, that’s one of the reasons wool is so water-repellant and windproof when properly knit up and presumably northern Europe also promoted colourwork (fair-isle) so you actually have two layers of wool due to the “other” colour thread running behind the work, like a lining, for extra warmth.

  3. What an inspired list! You can count me in for 3 out of the 5, though I’ll have to pass on the other two … 😉 Happy new year!!

  4. Happy new year! Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog, it is always appreciated. I like your dreams to travel more of Scandinavia. We visited Iceland in October and Oslo & Copenhagen in 2011 and I’m hooked. Can’t wait to explore more. Best of luck with all your goals this year!

  5. Happy 2014 to you and your family. I always enjoy your knitting, reading and travel blogs. You have introduced me to a wealth of things. I read War and Peace when I 16 and have it on my shelf in english. I should try to read it again too.
    Unfortunately I have not progressed from the Topflappen crochet instructions you sent. My friends have enjoyed them. Perhaps I should put knitting on my list for this year.

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