Today’s update for the Follow Your Arrow shawl does not bring happy tidings!

Clue 3 is finished – a simple few lace rows much like the 2nd clue I did – IMG_2530A couple of clues ago, I had to put in two markers, and in the course of the lace pattern, these had had to be moved along a couple of stitches. As long as the pattern worked out and into the count of stitches, I didn’t specifically count my stitches, and all was going swimmingly. At the end of clue 3, I am supposed to have 257 stitches and the helpful pattern tells me I ought to have those set out between the markers as 86/84/87.

I don’t. In the middle I seem to be 20-30 stitches short…! No idea how it happened, everything has worked out perfectly so far and I wasn’t ever aware of being off – see, it can happen anytime and to anyone. Sigh.

Since I have no idea (not a clue!) where I went wrong, and my patterns have all matched up, I am going to leave it and see how clues 4 and 5 go.

It rather answers the question I was musing over as to the amount of yarn I have left – I specially purchased 2 skeins, as required, but have barely used half of one, yet. No wonder if I have so few stitches.

Having said all that, I’m not terribly enamoured of the shawl so far. I don’t think it’s anywhere near as nice a pattern as any of the ones I have done before and I have a sneaking suspicion I will be frogging the lot once I’ve finished… after being a little disappointed with the yarn colour, I think I got off to a bad start. It’s lovely yarn and will make something very pretty and pinky-purply-grey.

But probably not this shawl! Well, unless a miracle happens…

3 thoughts on “KAL…drat…

  1. Aren’t they all supposed to turn out unique? Yours will just be that little bit extra-uniqe! Frogging? Nice word – conjures up a mental image for me of a Beatrix Potter type frog in a lacy shawl … makes it the 10th sense of the word in my book, not including FROG on teenage Christians’ wristbands! Pretty wool.

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