A Year On

This time last year, I wrote about our quick visit to England for my Granny’s birthday.

Press “repeat”!!

Only this time, it was Granny’s 98th birthday we were celebrating, with Granny as fresh and perky as ever, really a remarkable woman! There’s not much else to say – we were lucky that the weekend of rain that was forecast didn’t materialise and we only had a couple of very short showers while in the car on a trip down to Oxfordshire for a family jaunt to take daughter and son-in-law back home after the big day. The birthday once again brought kindly visitors for tea and cake and a delicious meal out (a little closer to home this time!) – the kind where you sit chatting in the restaurant for 3 hours or more, like the French! – and the drive through the bright lush May greenery of the Cotswolds was much appreciated by our country-loving grandmother! And this year, the bluebells were out, too. We found a delightful village near my daughter’s home, quintessentially English and with lots of thatched cottages and pretty houses – and a thatched country pub, friendly and cosy, to have our Sunday lunch :). Our physicist son-in-law gave us a Grand Tour of his workplace that delighted my husband, in particular (he’s a frustrated astronaut!) but which was fascinating for the rest of us, too, as far as we understood the goings-on LOL.

All in all – another lovely visit! Happy Birthday, Granny!!


15 thoughts on “A Year On

  1. Glad you had such a lovely time and such good weather! It’s even nicer now. Took mum and dad to Burford yesterday for mums birthday. Sat in pub garden – lovely .

  2. Gosh, what a birthday to celebrate! I hope I am as fresh and perky when I am 98. Happy Birthday to your Granny, it sounds like a wonderful occasion. x

  3. Amazing lady and beautiful flowers. I’m glad you had such a great time together. Swissrose please can you email me with your address details at justalittleless@yahoo.co.uk as you have won the Pedlars Manifesto print giveaway. Congratulations xo

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