Garden flowers

Really, I ought to say “glorious garden flowers” because of course this is the time of year when the gardens are all at their best and the paeonies and roses are, or have been, wonderful! IMG_3058IMG_3059The climber doesn’t have a scent, sadly, but the little bed of Austin roses more than makes up for it – there’s a Gertrude Jekyll, a couple of Fisherman’s Friends and the one I brought in, which I think (but I may be wrong!) is a Charles Austin and together with the last of the pink paeonies is wafting it’s delicious smell through my kitchen! IMG_3091 IMG_3092Such pretty crinkliness and so very feminine, while the scentless climber is robust and hardy and both solidly and passionately red – until the petals drop and the soft pink base is revealed 🙂 IMG_3089To finish, some loose and blousy, starry white paeonies that are shop-bought but nevertheless, I’m happy to say, trail their sweet airy perfume around the living room…IMG_3090

5 thoughts on “Garden flowers

  1. Roses and peonies – lovely! Thank you for the lovely pics, too. Our roses are starting to bloom now, a mass of creamy white Alberic running riot because I can’t get to prune it, and the various pink highly scented roses. Lots of black spot and greenfly, though. And now looking forward to seeing the 5 fuchsias flower that Mom had for her birthday, all different varieties.

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