Time well spent

From damp and mouldy to pretty and weatherproof IMG_0313IMG_3692 – many, many hours of labour went into repairs on this, the tiniest “room” of the house, this summer! And a lot also converted a long, dark, varnished pine upstairs corridor and stairwell into this IMG_3216Quite an amazing transformation that we’re delighted with!

Alina the Cocker is used to spending her summer holidays at the seaside and loves nothing better than to chase seagulls and dig through to Australia, as well as diving for stones IMG_3534 while for Sophie, it was a terrifying journey with a happy end… IMG_3689She had a wonderful time exploring the many hedges, arriving home scratched and scabby with bits hanging off her whiskers and judging by the number of hours she spent outside rather than inside, considered her holiday some kind of paradise – I think she was probably disappointed to come home, where she’s gone back to 20hr a day naps!

The Patrouille de France flew for us IMG_3396IMG_0335zooming around the skies above the house, and at the other end of the transport scale, we saw this immaculate Alvis down at the harbour IMG_3467IMG_3491I was thrilled about this and immediately recognised the bunny on the bonnet – it’s almost the same as the 1922/23 bunny that has been Granny’s dining room doorstop for longer than I can remember :)!IMG_0339We visited a very old tide mill nearby IMG_3470

and telecommunications at the Radôme
radome and walked part of the way out on the Sillon de Talbert… sillon_de_talbertDespite lots of downtime at home and doing DIY, we trundled down to the south of Brittany and visited Concarneau (here the clock of the ville close – a different time on every side of the tower, very Harry Potter!) IMG_3552and ate at L’Amiral, the restaurant that Commissaire Georges Dupin (only in German!) frequents, before moving on to Pont Aven, the scene of the first (of three) story by Jean-Luc Bannalec (a pseudonym) about said inspector… IMG_3510 and famous for the impressionist painters (like Gauguin) that it attracted in the 1880s.

We took a trip out to the bird islands, famous for their northern gannets since 1939, which we hadn’t done since our children were very young – IMG_0334 and for normal people like us, the treat of seals – IMG_0333IMG_0332That was actually the only day in 8 weeks that it really rained!

Eventually, we had to leave our home-from-home for home-sweet-home…IMG_0337IMG_0338

The more artistic and beautiful of these photos were taken by my very talented daughter and son-in-law, who spent some of the summer with us – thank you!! IMG_0330

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