The quietness of Boxing Day (St. Stephen)

Once the euphoric state of celebration is over and the family has got together, been together and thoroughly exhausted each other with the wonderfully cheerful mood of the season, quietness sets in. In Switzerland, we still stick to strict opening hours and the shops closed at 4 p.m. on Christmas Eve, not to reopen until the 27th, 8 a.m. I like it that way (our shops are closed on Sundays, too – for now). This all means that the town has a thick layer of calm cladding it, only enhanced by the heavy cloud and sleety rain. Definitely time to sit back and just bask.

I also have some catching up to do with my reflections, and this is the perfect day for it!

19. Delicious – we are very lucky and get lots of delicious food! At Christmas, my daughter has perfected the art of “The Turkey” and so we had a wonderful one, once again! This is from a previous year, but oh my, it was good… IMG_2398I also noted that my other son-in-law is catching up fast and that he and my daughter also sat down to a beautifully set table and yummy-looking turkey dinner 🙂

20. This year was… like many, up and down and very varied. Lots of highlights and a few anxious moments, but I would say, pretty normal! IMG_4042Frau Witmer’s collection of heart-shaped stones – guests often bring one by to add to it!

21. Friendship – is incredibly valuable! I have a select few “best friends” both male and female in several countries (you all know who you are!) and never stop being grateful for their support, humour, commitment and sheer humanity, even if I rarely see some of them. Thankyou! IMG_247422. Fragrant – at the moment, the smell of snow, still rather damp but fingers crossed, it could turn into the real thing today! For those who have their doubts, there is very definitely a specific smell that precedes snowfall, no doubt about it. tumblr_mww0ukG9b91rig7vyo1_500This is what I would hope to see…!! ;o

23. Sparkle – Always: in eyes, in glass, in water, in champagne, in bubbles, in bling 🙂IMG_260624. Gifts – fewer each year, as we continue to declutter and minimise. We love to give something that won’t be clutter, though, if we can, or that is simply beautiful or useful! This has been an ongoing process since we once actually did the maths and realised that if 9 people gave 9 people even just one present each, that would be over 80 presents under the tree: CRAZY! And the family is bigger still, these days… DSCN516725. Today is… calm. I can’t put that in an image LOL!

26. Sweet – so much sweetness everywhere. And not the fake sacharin kind, either. Sweet family, children, grandchildren, friends, relatives, thoughts, gifts, books, smells… IMG_3970My youngest daughter’s African Violet from two years  ago is blooming furiously for Christmas – how sweet is that?! 


3 thoughts on “The quietness of Boxing Day (St. Stephen)

  1. Snow on the Feast of Stephen is totally appropriate – deep and crisp and even, I hope. And yes, there is an unmistakeable scent in the air just before it snows. You have your flesh, wine and pine-logs, too! Sounds like a lovely Christmas, and so pleased for you all xxx

  2. Yes, I know exactly the scent of impending snow although we haven’t had any this year. There is also a scent to the air before and after rain. The clean smell of the air after rain is something my then teenaged son missed when we lived in the desert.

    I’m glad you had a lovely Christmas day. Your math on gifts was eye opening to me. Looking at it that way I can see how the Christmas season is a retailer’s dream.

    • LOL – my husband was quick to point out I got my maths wrong!! You don’t (usually) gift yourself, so it’s 72, not 81 – but still, that is WAAAY too much in my view!! ;o

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