The Inbetween

I’m glad the December Reflections go on for the whole month – with Advent and Christmas having passed, now, we’re at that inbetween time of the year that is neither here nor there and yet seems to me to be essential in regrouping, digesting and preparing, so here are the next two points on the list of suggestions:

27. Silence – goodness, this was easy, because we did eventually get snow (it has to be said, after the UK!! Sometimes I wonder why I live in Switzerland when they have been having more snow than we have over the last 5-6 years!) and we woke up to a Saturday morning that was still and quiet with a quilt of snow dampening all the sounds, including the church bells (there are 3 that we hear from our house and they all go mad at 6 am…). Even at 9 a.m. hardly anyone was out and about, despite the fact that the shops had been closed for over two whole days *GRIN*. We had a little Narnia moment, as the street lights were still on IMG_4061(and we live close enough to the middle of town that we have town Christmas lighting on our road, too!)… IMG_4062I have tried to photograph the town lights several times, as they are all so pretty, but this is where the iphone falls down… never mind!

28. Love is… so many things, but this one is for my husband, who is not a dog person and yet is softer with Alina than I am even though she drives him crazy at times, and who thoughtfully added more charms to my bracelet by giving me this for Christmas IMG_4054The tiniest, most perfect gift! Love is accepting my dog love for love of me 🙂 Thankyou!!!

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