Sliding start

Happy New Year!

In our area, the typical Swiss greeting or valediction between Christmas and the New Year is “Guätä Rutsch!”, which translates simply as “slide well”, meaning, have a smooth transition from the old year into the new one…

Apparently, I am easily delighted, for once again I have achieved that state, and for various reasons. Although I hope not to slip and slide, I am thrilled that snow eventually arrived the night of Boxing Day and has actually remained and increased in volume, culminating in a beautiful clearing of any hint of fogginess this morning to produce a few hours of brilliant blue sunshine, in addition. As they say, what’s not to like about that?! Something that is guaranteed to produce

29. My smile… 🙂 A huge one! IMG_4200What’s more, remember that photo when I wished we’d get snow – this was a walk in a minor snowstorm yesterday that exactly reproduced the wishlist IMG_4120And what about this incredible shot (credit my husband!) IMG_4125And as the sky cleared today IMG_4181IMG_4186What fantastic atmosphere! And LOTS of smiles 🙂

30. Thank you for… I have an awful lot to be grateful for, but staying in the moment, it has to be the prospect of being able to ski again (soon!!) because after managing to lose (??) my old ski boots, that formidable husband of mine bought me new ones! (I find it very hard to find any boots that EVER fit my legs – and these do!) IMG_4093 31. My word for 2015 is… curate, the transitive verb form, not the parish “soul carer”! I find that after all that lightening up of possessions, I need to ‘curate‘ the remainder to their best effect in how I experience and enjoy them – just like in a museum. But it’s not just about stuff, it’s about what’s left once you’re rid of the superfluous and what you do with that thing called life! Apparently, ‘curate‘ now has the connotation of “to imply judgment, taste and discernment”, something we all hope to have. Perhaps ‘edit‘ would be an alternative, but that doesn’t go quite far enough, so ‘curate‘ it is!! What with 2014’s ‘enough’ in the back of my mind, I think we’re all set…


On the face of it, I didn’t do well with my plans for the year! I still haven’t steeked or been to Shetland, though both of those things have moved along the pipeline, and the harp lessons will be booked, a plan for January. I did eventually get through War and Peace, and thoroughly enjoyed it – even the War parts! – learning a new perspective in history on the way that I hadn’t picked up on when I was 12 (which doesn’t surprise me). Looking more critically into the year, however, 2014 has been a hugely successful one, fun and active, and which has brought a further series of decluttering operations and inner catch-up and an increase in confidence in various areas, so it was really anything but a failure!!

Australia is already there… once the New Year has arrived in Switzerland, the slightest human interaction around here requires “E guäts Neu’s”, meaning “have a good new one”, and that, my friends, is exactly what I wish you all!!



8 thoughts on “Sliding start

  1. Smiles here, too, looking at those gorgeous photos. What super trendy boots, too – do you need a new ski suit to go with them? You have done very well in 2014 and coped with the unexpected in exemplary fashion, as well as decluttering two houses! There’s another aloartment could do with some attention …. 😍

  2. Oh how I envy you that beautiful beautiful snow! It is putting a big smile on my face too. And I love your thoughtful review of your year – ‘life after decluttering’ is an interesting theme Swiss Rose (I wonder sometimes what your first name is – I know your middle name!) Thank you for your lovely blog and your comments on my blog, and a very happy 2015 to you.

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