Two tips

Today, two very different artists  i’d like to bring to your attention.

Firstly, the very talented Harry Baker, slam poet and mathematician. Amusing but not a comedian, he is very clever indeed. See him at TED Exeter here, and sharpen your ears!

As it happens, there’s a poetry slam next door this evening, so looking forward to that!

Secondly, check out the amazingly beautiful and atmospheric photographs of Australian Murray Fredericks, really breathtaking sea and skyscapes, mostly from Greenland; he’s featured in this month’s National Geographic and you’ll be as spellbound as I was, I’m sure.


PS Update: what an entertaining evening! Four excellent teams and a funny little local chap provided us with plenty of laughs and got lots of hugely deserved applause. In the end, it was a tie (though all had been very good!). Turned out, one team won last year’s Swiss championship and the others are very professional German poets. If you’re interested, there are YouTube clips of a couple of the pieces…

Interrobang: on the subject of Fondue!

KuK: a little more philosophical


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