The very windy and stormy last day of March cleared for little while for a show of bright sunshine – and the birth of Mael, our newest grandson! IMG_4387Just home from the hospital, barely 5 hours old and wrapped in what has become an heirloom blanket – remember this: IMG_0354IMG_3928Great Aunt Miriam’s little hand-noted pattern for a baby lace edging was the inspiration to use it in a larger-scale baby blanket, all ready for the newborn a hundred years later… IMG_4289Drops baby alpaca-silk, very soft and cuddly and warm! Mael Sean  31.3.15This is his hospital portrait: 3960g and 53cm… aaahhh!!

Many congratulations to his mum and dad, brother and sister 🙂 ❤ BIG hugs!!!




From Mael’s point-of-view, Great Aunt Miriam is actually Great-great-great-great Aunt Miriam!! (I think, since she was my granny’s aunt?!)


20 thoughts on “Heirloom

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  2. What a gorgeous baby! And such a special shawl to wrap him in. There’s nothing like being a grandmother, don’t you think? Congratulations to you all!
    (I’m a lurker coming over from Freda’s blog)

  3. Welcome, Mael! He looks so peaceful in the photos I wonder if that is indicative of his personality, laid back and calm. His new blanket is beautiful, you did a lovely job on it.

    • LOL, thanks, Lois – he looks very like his big brother at that age and that would saying he could turn out a total rascal… ;o We are very curious about his character, since his brother and sister are so very different from each other!

  4. A late congratulations…. By the time I seem to come around to reading the blogs he will be walking! Just kidding. I am working my way through and enjoying each of them. He is adorable and the blanket is priceless. Perhaps I can take a lesson when I meet you one of these days.

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