That time of year again

It’s been a busy time with a lot going on, most of it good – and it’s just not left much time or inclination for blogging! But there has been some knitting I can show… IMG_5567The owner of the stables where Sturuss used to live has had twins! Since this was always an Iceland horse farm, it simply HAD to be a couple of Icelandic sweaters… the pattern is Gilipeysa by Hélène Magnùsson, knitted in Malabrigo Lace yarn, very fine, very soft, incredibly tiny (the two little girls were premature and one had some problems but all good now! 🙂 ). I’m not 100% happy with the very variegated grey in the cream cardigan, but there wasn’t much I could do about it, so it stayed.

This year’s masterpiece was a present for my dad’s 70th birthday – the epitome of the man who has everything! So I did what I do, knew he likes bright colours and Ireland and hates tight necklines and found this to knit – Janet Szabo’s pattern for a cosy Aran shawl-collared jumper in a bright red by Drops (merino)… it took a while but worked out very well and I think he liked it!! IMG_5542The sunshine has been bright this autumn/winter, and temperatures mild… but we had a frosty morning walk, too. IMG_5572 IMG_5573 IMG_5575 IMG_5577Next week I’ll show you some of the things I made as gifts, but for now – IMG_5556Happy Christmas from The Little Washhouse!

22 thoughts on “That time of year again

  1. Malabrigo Lace yarn? It looks very beautiful. Very good that both girls are fine now.
    And the gift for your father is excellent too.
    You say: “Next week I’ll show you some of the things I made as gifts, but for now – ”
    How do you find the time for so many things, I wonder. And marvellous photography too!
    Thank you so much for sharing, and have a very enjoyable Christmas!
    Greetings from Australia,
    Aunty Uta 🙂

    • Malabrigo Lace is a very fine, incredibly soft yarn, Uta, and very popular (you might consult Ravelry!).
      I am very lucky that I do not go out to work but am busy as a “clan manager”, so I am more able to find pockets of time for some restorative knitting than some other women are… and I never watch a film/tv or listen to an audiobook without some needles and wool in my hands (unless I’m ironing!), even more so during long winter evenings :). The red sweater has been a work-in-progress since July, on and off, so my readers mostly just get to see the finished products lol.
      Have a lovely warm Christmas over there!!

      • Hello, Melanie, (is this your name?)
        You’re right, there’s plenty to do even without going out to work. My husband and I are in our eighties. We always say, we would not be able to make time to go out to work. You remind me of our daughter-in-law. She is always busy doing some knitting while watching TV. She too does beautiful work. I used to do a bit of knitting when I was younger. But I have never been very good with any needlework. I always preferred reading for instance. Now my eyesight is so bad, even reading is often an effort.
        We’re going to have lots of family here at our place for Christmas night. These Christmas nights with family are always something to be looking forward too. At the moment the temperature here is only in the low 20s. If it stays like that, this should be good for our celebrations.
        Wishing you a beautiful Christmas and a Happy New Year!
        Love, Uta from NSW, Australia

      • Yes, Uta, my name is Melanie!
        Now I can read on Kindle and knit at the same time lol (well, if it’s something straightforward!)…
        Have a wonderful day with your family 🙂

  2. Those sweaters are beautiful! The babies are going to love the warmth of their sweaters and your dad’s, I’m with him, nothing too close to the neck. We’ve had a break from the cold and have been out the past few days without need of even a coat. Looking forward to hearing about your other gifts.

    Merry Christmas, Swiss Rose.

  3. Those little baby sweaters are so beautiful, and that cabled red sweater is indeed a work of art!! I’m so impressed with your holiday knitting, and the lovely photos.

  4. If your father did not like that beautiful sweater then he needs assistance with his eyesight. You are incredible. Loved the photos and I am quite homesick for Europe.

    • Susanne, I think he did, he definitely appreciated the work! We actually had a very mild winter, so perhaps he didn’t get an opportunity to wear it – or maybe he did, I must remember to ask lol!!

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