…when there were knitted gifts…

I hope everyone has been having a lovely relaxing time with family and friends over the last few days, as we have been fortunate enough to do! Lots of good food – both a goose AND a turkey (not on the same day!) – and companionable time spent together has done everyone good. Particularly with all the sniffy colds going around, it’s nice to be able to sit back and not have to do anything urgent except rescue a wine glass from being tipped over 🙂

This means I have knitting time, but also that I can now reveal what else was knit as gifts, and report that all was met with enthusiasm and gratitude!
Firstly, there were handwarmers for the chilly days that have now arrived (it was 10°C and sunny all over the holidays, yes, in Switzerland :o):

But wait… they’re bigger on the inside… (he’s a very tall young man!)IMG_5589Naturally, these were for my son-in-law, a big Dr. Who fan! They are in merino wool and I made the pattern up as I went along.

My daughter also likes Dr. Who, but I think she likes history even more, sharing with me a fascination for early mediaeval history, so when I saw the pattern for Saxon Braid mitts by Kimberley Porter, I was pretty sure they would appeal… IMG_5568More merino, soft and warm around the wrists and making up for shorter sleeves with their length. 

Next on the list were my two older grandchildren, who hadn’t had anything knitted from me for a while. Firstly my grandson, a very active 7-year old, seemed to have had this pattern designed for him, it’s a great one and I love the construction of the kangaroo-pocket, as well as the funnel neck – this is the Brochan Sweater by Kate Oates, made up in Drops Merino and on this picture, missing the green i-cord drawstring on the funnel neck, which I added before wrapping it up! Sevi loves green.IMG_5549


The wool for this rugged little hooded waistcoat, Mini Cardi Vest, also by Kate Oates, was a special gift I received from New Mexico last year. It’s thick, pure, homespun wool in vibrant shades of pinky lilac, which is just right for a vivacious little dark-haired girl who likes bright colours!  The embroidery is some remnants of Malabrigo Worsted (blue) and Icelandic Lèttlopi (yellow), while the buttons in exactly the right colour were a lucky department store find. I was delighted that both garments are a perfect fit and the children appear to be happy with them, with 4-yr old Mireille doing a little twirl for our benefit to show hers off. Or just to show off!

Finally, the last knitted gift of the holidays was for my eldest daughter, mother of the grandchildren, who also appreciates the wonderful rich colours of hand-dyed wool, and as a knitter herself, appreciates the work that goes into each piece (not that other recipients don’t, especially since daughter no. 2 started knitting lol!). This is The Age of Brass and Steam, (a free Ravelry pattern, incidentally!) by Orange Flower Yarn, described as a kerchief, but my approx. 400 metres of Malabrigo Sock yarn purchased at L’il Weasel’s gorgeous Paris shop in the Passage du Grand Cerf has definitely made a shawl-sized “kerchief”! IMG_5592IMG_5594Phew, glad I managed to get all that done and dusted in time for our Christmas festivities!

Once that was all wrapped up, I felt my halo shining and was therefore justified in starting a new project (I thought!). This one has been hanging around beckoning at me for months, since last winter, if truth be told. It is Jökull by Kate Davies from her wonderful book, “Yokes” and the wool for it is Àlafoss Lèttlopi in wonderful sea tones – it’s a sort of capelet and very warm (though the recommended yarn would have been bulkier still!). Yum. The knitting is done, just the finishing and the i-cord armholes to deal with… 🙂 IMG_5645

15 thoughts on “…when there were knitted gifts…

  1. You are quite the knitter. I love them all. I can see my grandson enjoying a pullover just like the one you made your grandson. I started a crochet pullover for him this year then realized near the end his head wouldn’t fit, so it’s been pulled apart and waiting for me to get back to sitting in the cabinet for now. The shawl has my favorite color, so of course that caught my eyes right off. But I have to say the one that I loved the most of all your projects was the sweater you made your dad. 🙂

    Happy New Year to you.

  2. Wow, a lot of work, but well worth it – they are all fabulous and the colours and wools are gorgeous. Love them! I particularly love the blues and greens of your capelet – if you ever decide it needs a new home, you know where I am 🙂 x

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