Siberia, here we come

I seem to be on a roll, here…!

The Jökull cape made in Léttlopi Icelandic wool more or less knitted itself – having a pattern is a little more difficult than plain knitting but does make for more interest and the challenge of finishing the chart, so hey presto, you are finished. I still haven’t washed/blocked it, but had to take advantage of my daughter being around to model it for me… this was an occasion that had us all falling around with laughter, as in a garment like this, you never quite know what to do with your hands! Still, I’m very pleased with it. It now also has buttons on the hand slits to keep the wind out if you keep your hands in… IMG_5651As I won’t be at home next week, when this daughter turns 25 (!), I will take the opportunity here to wish her a Happy Birthday! and many happy returns of the day in advance, since I know she will read this lol!! 🙂

Normally, it’s “onwards and upwards”, but no, in this case I have cast my eye down to my four-legged friends… Here is Alina in her new fair-isle jumper, all set for our mountain holiday next week, where temperatures at present are heading downscale to around -17°C (1.4°F…), apparently. Brrr. But there is promise of snow, yay! IMG_5674

When my friend saw what I was making, she was extremely amused, but also full of admiration. She has just lost her champion Cocker pup, sadly, and her new bundle of fun, Bonny, is a teenager – and what teenager doesn’t need something new in her wardrobe?! I thought this would do the trick, incorporating the hearts and her owner’s signature pink (when she shows her dogs) and it seems it’s gone down a storm! Yesterday and today brought the very first, very light snowfall of the winter and it’s getting colder, so definitely appropriate, I feel. It’s also a big thankyou for the hard work my friend J does in grooming Alina regularly and making her into a proper diva… much appreciated. (It’s turned out a little short so will be modified once I’m back! :o)Bonny's jumper 15.1.16Bonny's jumper 2

Photographs used with permission

And with that, my friends, I will leave you to your mirth as we head off to our mountain retreat for a week’s icy cold bliss and spa offerings…


Alina’s jumper is DROPS Extra 0-836 by DROPS Design, the light blue yarn is Drops Merino Extra Fine, the cream is (I think) Lana Grossa Merino Superfein and the deep blue is DROPS Baby Merino

Bonny’s jumper is VALENTINO by DROPS Design (Extra 0-1010), the red is Schulana Filini Merino, the cream is once again Lana Grossa Merino Superfein and the dark pink is Lang Merino 120

These DROPS patterns are all free!

14 thoughts on “Siberia, here we come

  1. Is that lovely cape he birthday present, or was she limited to modelling it? It looks very good on her, anyway. As do the doggy clothes on their respective owners – surely a pair of trousers wouldn’t come amiss here, or at least hind-leggings?

  2. The doggy jumpers are just brilliant Mel! I wonder if I should make one for Pablo – although he just refuses to go out when it’s cold!
    Have a great time next week – you seem to have chosen the coldest week of the whole winter!

  3. Happy birthday to your daughter, a lovely model. 🙂 Your cape is, like all your other creations, spectacular and those doggie sweaters are too cute. Not sure why one would take a vacation to an even colder place than they live, just saying. 🙂 But have a safe and fun vacation, .

    • Thankyou Lois!
      And going up into the mountains for a myriad of reasons – the calm, the light, the sun, the snow, the woods, the culture, the skiing, the spa… I could go on 😉
      (Where I live is just a bit hilly and near the largest lake in western Europe, fruit-growing country, so not as you might imagine Switzerland to be!)

  4. Hope you had a relaxing holiday swissrose. The dog jumpers are amazing! Well done for keeping your fur friends warm and cosy. It’s lightly snowing here but it won’t hang around. What a warm winter we’ve had in general. Crazy times!

  5. I absolutely love the cape! Aren’t Drops patterns and yarns lovely? Thank you for all the yarn suggestions – as a matter of fact I’d just discovered Lain & Tricot, but when I double checked the yarn colors I found that either their photos are too saturated, or the counterparts are taken in bad lighting conditions! It’s so tricky to buy yarn online!

    • Thankyou Francesca! Drops are definitely quality for the money in my view and all those free pattern, too, I’m so happy with their yarns (though I have a penchant for MadelineTosh). I rarely order yarn online EXCEPT for from one place here in Switzerland that has both the above, though I agree, MadTosh (and Malabrigo) often have extremely misleading photos of the colours and I have to cross my fingers and accept that I might be getting something completely different… Recently I bought the colour “Niebla” (Malabrigo) which was much as expected and beautiful, project coming up. I often go to Ravelry and look what people have knit in a particular colour before buying, as that helps to give an idea of the true colour.

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