Where does reality go?

Well, in my case, it seems to be on the road a lot of the time. To my surprise, when I look back at February, I was (theoretically) at home all the time – not that I noticed!

We were lucky enough to be invited on a “real” Swiss outing, a wagon ride locally culminating in fondue in a hut in the woods. The weather forecast was dismal, we met in drizzle and later on, the rain poured down effusively – but during the wagon ride, the sun shone brightly and lit up the late winter landscape so that all 12 of us were peeling off hats, scarves and jackets as we rumbled along country lanes and through local woods, well supplied with hot tea and lardy bread. On arriving at our destination, we were met by a lone alphorn player, as natural as can be (could it be otherwise?!) – Image 07.04.16 at 10.08 (7)and the quintessential glass of white wine as an apéritif. The children immediately began exploring the woods around about, including a lovely deep muddy water hole – fortunately, they were all well-dressed for the occasion! Image 07.04.16 at 10.08 (6) After getting suitably grubby, they too were peeled of their outer layers and permitted to come inside, where a woodburning stove made for a very cosy atmosphere for our fondue, with some of the extended family enjoying their first-ever cheesy wonder 😉 Image 07.04.16 at 10.08 (4)Of course, for the children, the main attraction were the horses, two feisty Swiss ladies who worked very hard for us and were rewarded by shelter and a nosebag… IMG_5977

At home, we also had some miserable weather (even though we haven’t had a nice snowy winter) so resorted to our own wood-burning stove, which doesn’t get a lot of use since our central heating is generally sufficient to keep everything toasty – IMG_1088I actually had time to fulfil my grandmotherly duties and this little chap, just turned one last week, continues to entertain with his sunny nature. Here, he was doing a little St. George imitation (riding the dragon with the cat lying just out of shot!): IMG_5800And of course, lest I forget, there was knitting 🙂 How could there not be knitting?!

I love this one – it’s called Creature Comforts Cardi by MadelineTosh and I had the good fortune to buy some Malabrigo Rios (colourway Niebla) on sale. It had barely got inside the door before I was winding and knitting. Essentially, it’s a large square with ribbing at either end that is folded and sewn, and then sleeve ribbing is added to make a slouchy shrug. The 100% merino wool is wonderfully soft and smooth, knits itself and is pure pleasure. (And http://www.strickcafé.ch are having a whopping 25% sale on it in April, if any Swiss readers are interested – I might have bought some more, just might… :o). Yum. IMG_5815I hope you can see the oak-leaf detail that runs up the back – it’s really not difficult to follow the chart, though I wasn’t hugely impressed with the pattern instructions overall, which were confusing to the uninitiated.

And may I say, those trousers were made for me, to measure, by the fair hands of my seamstress daughter! I should have done them justice with proper socks and shoes, but goodness, my life is as real as the next person’s, so this is what you get!!

Baby things are always highly bloggable and there have been a convenient number of babies being produced to keep me on my toes – little Frankie gets this set IMG_5830which consists of a shrug called Vertrebra, which takes into consideration that babies dribble, and therefore doesn’t have a front, as such, which I thought was quite clever. It’s MadelineTosh Sock in Mala, if I’m not mistaken, and the little pink culottes are a lovely Drops pattern (Cosy and Cute – 21-36) that I made knee-length because I only had the one skein of Lang Baby Merino and spring is here – I love the waist shaping on them. They were quick despite the 2/2.5mm needles… Afterwards, I added a little bit of elastic to the knees. I hope they like this set – the baby was shown to us dolled up to the nines in a Minnie Mouse outfit, very cute!

I may have shown this last summer when I made it, but am pleased to say that it has gone to little Olivia, born in January. Coincidentally, this is also one of my daughters’ middle name, so that was a nice touch (the parents didn’t know this!). Another MadelineTosh pattern, Tiny Tea Leaves (I left off the sleeves), by Melissa LaBarre in Katja Baby Merino.IMG_5102

There was more knitting, an Icelandic cardigan nearly finished but waiting for the finishing touches, so it will have to be blogged another time.

Inbetween times, there was finally an opportunity to see friends, catch up on chores and decluttering and generally have some structure and order! And of course, February being a short month, even in a leap year, seems to go by quicker than other months, even if it is an illusion. There were the beginnings of life in the garden, though – IMG_5956and a heron in the woods IMG_6008

Next time, more travels! 😮

7 thoughts on “Where does reality go?

  1. I see you are not one to hole up and hibernate in the winter as I am. Your grandson has gotten so big! Babies grow too fast for my taste. 🙂 Love the sweaters and the baby clothes you’ve knitted especially those pants with the ribbed waist. So you have both knitters and seamstresses in your family, how wonderful!

    I did follow up on your suggestion on learning to knit but so far am struggling. I’m not sure if I will keep at it or just resign myself to being content with crochet.

    • Thanks, Lois! We are lucky to have creative minds and busy fingers…
      How cool that you decided to try to learn knitting – have you checked out YouTube videos? I have found people who have difficulty with the knitting style holding the yarn in the right hand (English style, “throwing” the yarn) can find it easier to learn Continental style, with the yarn in the left hand (“picking” the yarn). Wish I could just come and help you out!

      • I wish you could show me too. I learn many things through books but for some reason when it comes to knew stitching whether crochet or now knitting I learn best with another person sitting there going through the movements along side of me. I went to YouTube and watched a few videos keeping in mind the differences but so far I’m struggling.

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