Ho ho ho

Maybe it should be “ha ha ha” because when I said I’d be back in October, I didn’t mean mid-December on a crash course to Christmas. Ah well. The best laid plans…

But hey, look what snowed in for Advent this year – img_7290Meet my newest grandchild, my eldest daughter’s 4th child, a little girl called Joline who joined her big brothers and sister recently! She made them all wait a week for her, which was almost unbearably exciting and now they’re all thrilled, too cute. There are several family birthdays around now and she just waited to get one of her own… As usual and like her siblings, she was home from the hospital within a few hours and the next thing I heard, she was off to the Christmas market to celebrate being a day old lol! Go, Joline! Correct assumption: mother and baby are doing well 🙂

img_7260img_7220I love that Christmas in Switzerland is so tasteful in its decorations. It’s not considered a humourous time of year and lights are rarely coloured, with more emphasis on decorations made of natural materials and traditional colours. This is a local flower shop.

On a grey, rainy Saturday in mid-November, volunteers hung the town’s Christmas lights – these are the ones along our road… img_7211In town, a few streets along, it’s so pretty at the main station

Frauenfeld TG , 06.12.12 / Weihnachtsbeleuchtung in der Stadt Frauenfeld .

Frauenfeld Station

and there are some pretty projections, too, on some of the nicest buildings cxgue3zwwaeieezIt’s all very pretty indeed and worth taking a walk through town after dark or visiting the Christmas market or even just stopping for a mug of Glühwein (mulled wine) and/or some roast chestnuts… and then coming home again! IMG_5556



10 thoughts on “Ho ho ho

  1. What a beautiful Christmas present Joline is! Glad baby and mother are doing so well.

    I love your simpler displays for Christmas compared to our more garish ones. The light projections would be a welcome replacement here to those blow up monstrosities filling so many front yards. No lights here at my house just some simple touches of red here and there to liven the rooms up.

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