A New Year

Our year was wrapped up en famille, which is always good – over several days and in several different combinations, as well as several different places, we got everyone together – img_8509 img_7418 img_7436 img_7485…and toasted the end of a difficult year, but one which does seem to have gone very fast! img_7489So here we are in 2017 – the tree has been taken down img_7568and we have snow! img_7513I love snow – as do the dog and my grandson, who came to stay – img_7547 img_7537 img_7534That was shortly before the snowball met its target – me 😮

Indoors, things were quieter img_7565 img_7570 img_7506 And all the while, the baby seems oblivious in a cloud of pink – aaaaah! img_7566Which rather sums up January, as this illustration from an old German activity book (1976…) shows! img_7502

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