This is my blog for old and new friends. As I am just starting, I imagine it could cover a wide range of subjects from my own musings on life, my interests, the world around us – that is my intention, anyway.

Lots of things interest me apart from my family and my pets, all of whom have plenty of character. We try to live a simple and peaceful life with a good sense of humour and my own personal interests cover anything from history and geography to the domestic arts and crafts, so perhaps I will surprise you sometime.

I consider myself European (I have multiple passports!) and very lucky to be living where I do, in Switzerland. My three daughters are mostly grown-up, now, though don’t imagine my husband and I have more time for anything – you’d be mistaken! Still, we do enjoy sailing together, travelling given the opportunity and just generally being companionable over a cappuccino or a gourmet meal with some great music…

Please stay nice and if you don’t like what I have to say, I ask that you leave quietly. Thanks!

16 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Mel, I feel as though I know you already from reading Helen’s blog and now you’ve got your own – congratulations. Looking forward to learning more about you as time goes on. By the way, I love your banner picture.

  2. Hello Melanie,

    It has been decades since I have seen you – we won’t count how many. You were the sweetest girl I babysat (and the only one). Your mother forwarded the blog information and I must say I am delighted at your writing, your insight and philosophy about life and your perspective. You have brought back some memories about school starting in September, the pot holder, etc. Plus your writing style. I can almost see you sweeping up the leaves and inhaling the fragrance. I have never responded to a blog and really don’t know how it works. I am still struggling with facebook, but I look forward to reading more.

    • Susanne! How lovely to speak with you in this slightly unconventional manner – thank you so much for responding and I’m delighted to count you among my – still few! – readers! You know you have entered history with that babysitting task… 😉

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