Advent Birthday

Despite blue skies and sunshine everywhere else, Zurich’s local mountain remained stubbornly covered by a cloud, which preserved the winter wonderland of the previous week – IMG_2228This is on the Uetliberg, which although barely 20 minutes out of Zurich by a small local train, is at 871 m above sea level and like a different world. You can hike, run, sledge or bike on paths all over this little mountain. But we arrived to this IMG_2221and this IMG_2226I was lucky enough to be taken to spend the weekend here for my birthday last weekend! The cloud over the Uetliberg was blown away after dinner and the view of the whole of Zurich and its lights was fantastic – the following morning, the cloud was back and only cleared in time for lunchtime guests taking a brisk Sunday walk uphill, either to keep the children quiet or to enjoy a glass of Glühwein…IMG_2222 IMG_2232

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