Crafted Advent

One of the nice things about savouring Advent is making things. Our children made things at school, but at home we used to make cards or decorations sometimes, too, at least once during the season and often several different collaborations while we thought up ideas of what to give their friends and the older generations in the way of a Christmas treat.

Now that they’re all grown up, I get to do the crafting all by myself! Although I’ve not set myself any deadlines this year, it looks as if some people are going to be getting some socks in with their present… IMG_2266And even though picture jumpers are apparently all the rage in England, I think my friend will be happier with this to wear with her dirndl dress! IMG_2258My son-in-law’s family hosts an event each year to make wreaths and arrangements from greenery, supplying swathes of evergreens and huge slabs of clay as a base – it’s bring your own plate or other container! Here is the “making of” the wreath I showed at the beginning of Advent… IMG_2191While I couldn’t resist a bit of paper-folding and sticking to make a translucent German star… IMG_2268 …for the first time, we have a very English paper chain – with the help of my 5 year old grandson, who was very patient about sticking all the rings together! IMG_2269As always, enhanced by candles and tea 🙂

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