Bridging the gap

Where do I even to begin to catch up on nearly seven months of blog absence?!

Well, there’s this little sunshine IMG_5325whose supersonic sister just turned 4 IMG_5318(that’s a Princess Lillifee cake baked by her mum!) and big brother has started school… Sevi Schule Velo 2015Phew. There was another “re-“birth, as we cleared a corner of the garden this summer, but due to the excessive heat and dryness this year, we had to wait until the autumn to replant under the viburnumIMG_5309Very much looking forward to it next spring, when all the plants will be established and come back fresh and new! Though autumnal charm has its merits, too. IMG_5316IMG_5336Spring was busy, in England, Paris and on Lake Constance! IMG_0672(that’s five generations aged between 5 weeks and 99…!)IMG_4596(for our silver wedding anniversary (and to see AC/DC ;))IMG_4864(the Bavaria 37 cruiser we chartered)

And then we had to survive the heatwave IMG_4909 IMG_4662 IMG_4771 IMG_4766 IMG_5012which was only finally achieved by fleeing westwards to the milder climate of Brittany. This is my “Photo of  Summer 2015”, taken at the Abbaye de Beauport, of the salt marshes IMG_5087Since it was already nearly autumn by the time I returned to Switzerland and having enjoyed a wet, stormy August and delightfully warm and sunny beginning of September in France, we were grateful for a perfect day out on the island of Mainau (on Lake Constance) with our family visitor IMG_5155and again, our trip in Bad Ragaz for the ‘Bad Ragaartz’ temporary art installations just got better and better IMG_5231plus our outing to the Rhine Falls at Neuhausen could hardly have been brighter IMG_5245Always takes your breath away!

Next time, some of the things I actually did during all that time 🙂


10 thoughts on “Bridging the gap

  1. Hi Mel, Great to hear from you, thought you had developed cramp in your fingers! Lovely photo of the five generations of your family, a real photo to treasure. Will send you an e mail soon God bless Glen

    • It’s cute, isn’t it?! It was a spontaneous meeting, my granddaughter making friends in an instant, quite admirable!
      Yes, it’s about time I got back into the swing of things here on the blog… 😮

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