Nearly there

Advent is almost a whole week longer this year, so ample time to check out the decorations around town – img_7345 img_7347 img_7350 img_7352I definitely like simple and pretty!

Reindeer live here – just behind this frosted tree (it’s not snow, just frozen fog up on the hill!), in a big stable very prettily hung with lights as you approach from below, and the restaurant across the road is about the wildest it gets around here in the way of deco – food and staff are lovely, too. No, we don’t eat these reindeer, they are the owner’s pets! The grandchildren were taken in last year when, just before Christmas, the reindeer weren’t there, off on their world tour…

img_7329 img_7330Our tree is up, with each of these sweet girls representing one of our three daughters 🙂 img_7358A very happy holiday season to everyone out there, enjoy your families and take a moment to prepare for 2017! img_7390

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